What is a Podcast and How to Find Them

What is a Music Podcast?

In technology termsimages (49), a podcast (a name that merges the popular Apple “iPod” and “broadcast”) is a digital file that can be downloaded through an RSS feed. T
he subscription method to this RSS feed allows new content to be downloaded automatically to a listener’s computer or portable device. This ease of transfer sets podcasts apart from other methods of music listening such as streaming.

Podcasting gives listeners the opportunity to listen how, when and where, and to exactly what they want.

Who Makes Music Podcasts?

If you have a computer and an Internet connection, in theory you can create a podcast. However, when specifically looking at music podcasts, remember there are copyright and licensing to consider. So if you are looking for music podcasts then you will find hundreds via your favourite major broadcaster or magazine (for example).

How Much Do They Cost to Download?

They are usually a totally free medium!

How Do I Search for Them?

You can search using a tablet or computer or smartphone. It is simplest to search and listen via a dedicated podcast app on a smartphone, which you can usually download for free – just make sure you choose a suitable app for your smartphones operating platform – iOS, Windows or Android.

If you are on a home based PC, then Apple’s iTunes can direct you with ease via their dedicated podcast area.

Is a Music Podcast Just Music?

No! This is the cool bit, podcasts might contain the actual tracks and are a great way of trying new music and expanding your listening mix while on your daily commute, but music podcasts offer so much more. You may find audio from the artists or rare interviews, discussion about a track and much more. Simply put podcasts are usually a brilliantly distilled version of the all best bits and that’s why they make for interesting and eclectic listening, for free!

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