Value of Podcasts For a Casino Player or Gambler

Scotland only has fifteen land based casinos, located as you’d expect in the major cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The evergrowing industry and the number of gaming enthusiasts are asking for new ways to find out about the news in this field, and casino podcasts are one way to increase their knowledge.

Whether you’re a Roulette, Blackjack or Poker player, or betting on football or horses, Podcasts can be an exciting addition to your hobby.

What is a Podcast

It’s a digital file you can download to your portable device or laptop and play it when you want.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds to ensure you never miss out an episode, by clicking on the RSS feed button.

There are many UK gambling and casino podcasts that are full of information of interest to a Scottish gambler. There are fewer Scottish speheadphones-5cific podcasts though. Podcasts can give an insight into what’s new in the gambling world, hints for gambling styles such as accumulators and engaging interviews.

The Scottish Poker Podcast, a specifically Scottish platform as the name suggests, are currently not generating any new casts, but they did give regular updates on everything pertinent to the Scottish Poker scene. So if poker is your thing then keep an eye on their website for future.

For those who are looking for an all round look at gambling UK wide, it’s worth looking at the – a dedicated five series podcast focused entirely on gambling matters. Taking a look at different casino games and how to play them, strategies that are good and which ones are probably best left alone. Which choice of casino when you want to play with real money. Where you are most likely to join the sought after group of casino winners and importantly how to protect you and your money from fraud online.

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