Podcasts About Scotland

Using podcasts is a really fun way to learn more about bonny Scotland. There are a number of very popular podcasts, some of which are discussed here to help you get started furthering your knowledge on the country.

BBC Radio Scotland offers a wonderful Scotland Outdoors pocket guide every week. As Scotland is a land full of enchanting outdoor beauty, it gives rise to countless activities that you can find out about. The BBC’s regular 35 minute poThe Angels' Sharedcast is well worth tuning into.

Another recommendation is the fantastic range of podcasts about Scotland presented by Open Learn, which is part of the Open University. Here you can find information on Scotland’s fascinating history with expert Neil Oliver. And you have the choice to either take part in the walks yourself, or to simply enjoy listening in. If you want to go out and about exploring with your mp3 player, you can simply download the podcasts straight form Open learn. All episodes are 30 minutes long.

The extensive selection at your disposal includes various ‘Walk Arounds’. One of these is around Dundee, a place where the early 20th Century jute industry resulted in a massive influx of people, and generated a high level of prosperity.

Another offering is around Glendale on the magnificent Isle of Skye, a place where the Glendale crofters were made to live under terrible conditions for most of the 1800s due to their landlords.

The area around Glasgow was the subject of another transmission. And on this particular podcast you can learn all about the Glaswegians’ buoyant trade ties with the Europeans and Americans, and how these transformed this once quiet small region into the the thriving mega city it is today.

Around Stirling Castle is another podcast of interest. This discusses the outcome of Scotland’s and England’s Act of Union in the 1700s. In addition to these, Open Learn offers a few more great places to check out in person or learn about by just listening from the comfort of your own home.

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