Scotland is a place rich in history and culture and its music scene is reflective of this.

With discussion surrounding the independence of Scotland, the local culture is being given a boost and the music scene is as strong as ever. New bands are embodying the epitome of Scotland and the traditions of genres such as folk are ever popular.

You will find a wealth of information on this website about Scotland’s music scene, interesting facts and some cool names to look out for in the music scene.

The content here includes:

  • The independent music scene – Who to look out for and what’s new and fresh for your ears to enjoy.
  • The traditional music of Scotland – A look at the heritage music that is so well loved.
  • The Scottish bagpipe – Some history about this classic instrument and some surprising facts… the bagpipe isn’t originally from Scotland, who would have guessed!
  • Music podcasts – What is a podcast and how to find them to increase your musical knowledge.
  • Podcasts about Scotland – If you love Scotland then it might be worth checking out the Scottish podcasts on offer, some eclectic listening wherever you are.
  • Casinos and gambling in Scotland – With an overview of gambling in Scotland and some ideas about podcasts that are of interest to those who like to place a bet.
  • Popular Scottish bands – Heard of a small band called Wet Wet Wet? Thought so! A look at some well known as well as up and coming pop and rock bands from the Highlands and beyond.